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EERKIN'S has been serving quality Uyghur foods to its customers. Our Uyghur ethnic chefs with ancestors from Uyghur’s who are well-informed about the ancient recipes allowing us to offer the centuries old Uyghur foods. The usage of fresh vegetables, meat, beef, chicken and fish makes our Uyghur cuisine the most-tasty and mouthwateringly delicious food.

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Uyghur Cuisine

UYGHUR CUISINE reflects the cooking styles of many ethnic groups of the Xinjiang region, and refers particularly to central Asian food. Signature ingredients include Roasted Mutton, Kebabs, Roasted Fish, Chicken and rice. Because of the Muslim population, this Chinese food is predominantly halal. Xinjiang cuisine is found throughout much of China, as migrants from the region often open Xinjiang restaurants or food stands in other regions. It is often found in the Chinese restaurants throughout the world.
Many Uyghur food dishes are also found among other ethnic groups in Central Asia, and their food also shows Chinese influence. A common Uighur cuisine dish is LAGHMAN or LEGHMEN a noodle dish likely to have originated from the Chinese LAMIAN –However, the flavor and preparation method of LEGHMEN are distinctively Uyghur in various Uyghur restaurants. It is a special type of handmade noodle, made from flour, water, and salt. The dough is divided into small balls and then stretched by hand. The noodles are boiled until very soft and then served topped with stir-fried meat and vegetables (bell peppers, chili peppers, cabbage, onions, and tomatoes) in meat stock.
Another typical Uighur food dish is Pulao , a dish found throughout Central Asia. In a common version of the Uyghur Pulao, carrots and mutton (or chicken) are first fried in oil with onion, then rice and water are added, and the whole dish is steamed. Raisins and dried apricots may also be added. Various Uighur restaurants follow different techniques to cook this food.
Other dishes include SOUPS (CHUCHURA), KEBABS made from lamb, chicken and shrimp. We have authentic uyghur food, Bread commonly found in the Central Asia is a baked flatbread known as kathlama Naan (using sesame seeds, butter, milk, vegetable oil, salt. SAMSA (SAMSOO) Oven-baked buns with minced lamb and onions seasoned with black pepper Sprinkled with sesame. A popular Xinjiang dish is DAPANCHI which is literally translated as “big plate chicken.” It is a spicy hot chicken stew served on a big plate, and after the chicken has been eaten, wide flat hand-pulled noodles are added to the gravy.

Special Recipes

Taste of Precious Uyghur Food

Our Uyghur cuisines include the same taste as the centuries old cuisines used to,

making our Uyghur cuisines finger-licking delicious.


Small Dumpling Soup (Minced lamb and onions seasoned with black pepper)


Braised rice steamed with carrots, onions, lamb and Uyghur salad on the side.

DAPANCHI (Big Chicken Plate)

Chicken, potato, and spicy sauce served with homemade flat noodles
Big Plate $40.95, Small $24.95


Chopped lamb sprinkled with cumin, house spices, and sauce  
$3.0 / Skewer


Steamed dumplings rolled with a spiced lamb mixture
$13.95 (Six per Order)


On-the-spot, hand-pulled noodles topped off with lamb and various combinations of vegetables

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For Fairfax Virginia

We are open for online reservations throughout the week except on Friday and Saturday where we serve our customers on first come first get basis at the restaurant. We hope you will enjoy our services!



We are open for online reservations throughout the week except on Friday and Saturday where we serve our customers on first come first get basis at the restaurant. We hope you will enjoy our services!



DIsh of the Week

Oven-baked buns with minced beef and onions seasoned with black pepper Sprinkled with sesame.



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What our customers say about us:

It’s awesome that there’s a Uyghur restaurant in Fairfax! We just ate here for dinner and it was super yummy! Had the samsa, homemade laghman, and my husband had the special lamb shank. They were all decently priced. Friendly and helpful staff too. We will be back for sure! I want to try their kebabs and big chicken plate next.

Lisa Mark

I wanted to taste Asian food which was delicious and I came across your menu. Your Uyghur food was delicious and I didn’t want to stop eating it. Yumm! The best Asian food in town. 5 stars!

Alan gendreau

My Asian friend told me about Uyghur cuisine and I wanted to taste it. Finally, I came across your menu and I am pleased I got to taste your Uyghur food. The Legman was delicious and mouthwatering. Next on my list, Polu.

Anna Wang

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